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Lagunitas Sessions at Kendall World of Beer

Lagunitas Sessions at Kendall World of BeerThursday, March 20, 4:20pm – World of Beer Kendall, 8525 Mills Drive, Ste 302, Kendall

Snow cones, popcorn, cotton candy, and beer: It sounds like a fun-filled family afternoon at the circus, but it’s really the Lagunitas Sessions event by Lagunitas Brewing Company at World of Beer Kendall:
– IPA, West Coast IPA 6.2 percent ABV
– Brown Shugga’, an American strong ale rated at a 9.99 percent ABV
– Cappuccino Stout, an imperial stout rated at 9.20 percent ABV
– Lagunitas Sucks, an imperial IPA rated at 7.85 percent ABV