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“Recalled a Whisper” An Installation by Mary Larsen

Recalled a Whisper - An Installation by Mary LarsenFriday, March 21, 7pm-10pm – 6th Street Container Alternative Art Space, 1155 SW 6th Street, Miami

Recalled a whisper is an installation by Mary Larsen of works on recycled computer floppy discs, remnants of this age of obsolescence and fitting forms for a new approach to artistic reclamation. The choice to use floppy discs began years ago as a way to recycle them, and has evolved into a medium she employs to create a non-linear narrative which explores ideas of identity and place. Individually, they are snippets of a life: dream-like landscapes that deal with struggles and fragmentations in personal relationships, where time is not linear, but layered or spatial. Often, she finds balance and harmony through imbalance and dissonance. By both obscuring and revealing pages from books, found images, and maps, a new narrative emerges from the remains of another only to disappear. Larsen’s work combines painterly abstraction with figurative elements, transcending the confines of artistic language to create her own personal vision.