Miami-Dade County Visual Arts

Cortaditos 6:6 Video Shorts at MDC Museum of Art + Design

CortaditosWednesday, March 26, 7pm-9pm – MDC Museum of Art + Design, 600 Biscayne Blvd., Miami

A selection of Video Shorts created by artists based in Miami, Florida and Valencia, Spain. The showcase presents some of the most arresting, provocative and conceptually challenging video artworks being created currently in each city. The “One Night Only” event is a platform for these exceptional works, as well as a venue for the public to debate and exchange ideas. The program keeps an energized pace with each video work lasting 5 minutes or less.

“Cortaditos” is part of an ongoing cultural exchange project involving gallery exhibits, video screenings, and more. There is an evolving roster of artists and curators that participate under the co-direction of Miami artist Alette Simmons-Jimenez and artist Cristina Ghetti from Valencia. The exhibitions create a forum that encourages our individual awareness of the different artistic efforts in far away places while opening a dialogue of our similarities. Limited seating arrive early!