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“The Old Spice Guy” Visits Miami to Teach Young Guys How to Scent Responsibly

Old Spice Guy Visits Miami to Teach Young Guys How to Scent Responsibly

Tuesday, April 15, 1:30pm-3:30am - University of Miami, 1300 Memorial Drive, Coral Gables

Old Spice, the manliest grooming brand on the planet, kicked-off a six-city campaign on Tuesday, April 15th in Miami to help young guys “scent responsibly.” Isaiah Mustafa, “The Old Spice Guy”, and Old Spice made their first “pit stop” at Coral Gables Senior High School and the University of Miami on a “Smellcome to Manhood” tour to further Old Spice’s “scent responsibly” mission, which aims to end the overspraying epidemic once and for all.

Overspraying continues to be a major issue in the U.S. According to a recent national Old Spice survey, 90 percent of students (male and female) have been bothered by too much body spray at school. Even more revealing – 68 percent of young guys say they were not properly taught how to use body spray.

At 11 a.m., Mustafa made a “pit stop” to Coral Gables Senior High to host an in-school assembly. Greeted by high-energy cheerleaders and the school’s band, more than 500 students engaged in an interactive presentation highlighting how the power of scent, as well as the importance of overall body cleanliness, can build self-confidence and be a strong personal motivator. The event concluded with Mustafa awarding the school a $2,500 donation to school’s athletic department.

At 1:30 p.m., Old Spice hosted a pop-up pep rally at UM with a live performance by the Spirit Squad, the school’s resident dance team and cheerleaders, product giveaways, games and selfie photo opps with Mustafa.

A former wide receiver for the NFL, Mustafa gained sudden and substantial fame as the result of his Old Spice viral/TV campaigns, which garnered hundreds of millions of online hits and transformed Mustafa into a widespread sensation that culminated in an Emmy win for “Best TV Commercial.” In January 2014, Mustafa made his triumphant return as “The Old Spice Guy” for a series of digital “Internet-ventions”, designed to end the most embarrassing male mistakes.

Pictures by: Marc Serota/Invision for Old Spice/AP Images