Miami Beach Visual Arts

“Invisible” Opening Cocktail Reception

"Invisible" Opening Cocktail ReceptionThursday, April 13, 6pm-9pm – The Hub at the LGBT Visitor Center on Miami Beach, 1130 Washington Ave, Miami Beach

Invisible consists of portraits and written testimonials of the participants as well as a video documentary where each individual tells their story of invisibility.
There are many social issues facing today’s society. In order for the public to address these issues, we must raise awareness. The creativity of Vladimir Rios along with the photography of Lester Blum has been endeavoring to raise awareness on issues of social relevance first with their photography narratives, Warrior of Hope and I Still Remember both of which focused on HIV/AIDS from different points of view and then with the multi-dimensional documentary project, Invisible. The exhibits have been presented to the public through multiple exhibits in New York, California, and North Carolina.

Invisible focuses on individuals who either feel / felt invisible or believe that society treats them as invisible because of physical or mental disabilities, disease (HIV/AIDS), age, weight issues, gender, sexuality, bullying, physical or mental abuse, depression, and suicide. Included in the presentation are two inspirational stories of how some individuals have responded to the needs of those who are or feel invisible. This documentary exhibit is designed as an educational piece to give a voice to those who have previously been unseen or unheard. No one deserves or should be made to feel invisible. As a society, we must be conscious of how we treat and respond to each other. The exhibit will be on display from April 13 – May 31, 2017.