Miami-Dade County Visual Arts

Special Screening of “Los Sin Derechos” at CubaOcho

Special Screening of Thursday, April 24, 7pm-10pm - CubaOcho Art and Research Center, 1465 SW 8th St., #106, Little Havana

You are cordially invited to attend the special screening of “Los Sin Derechos” produced by Pedro Corzo & directed by Daniel Urdanivia, including the photo exhibition by Andres Labrada . Special guest Jose Luis Martinez, Connect Cuba. “Los Sin Derechos”, reveals details of the Human Rights situation in Cuba. Several individuals are interviewed whom expose the continuous violation of their rights by the Cuban government since its rise to power. These testimonies describe the systematic and permanent violation of: their civil rights, the ethnic and religious discrimination they are victims of and the limitations of their liberties such as freedom of speech. Candid interviews and dramatizations depict the experiences and accounts of various abuses suffered by the people. Limited Seating. RSVP required to secure complimentary passes.