Food & Drinks Launch Event Miami-Dade County

MIAMI SOUP Inaugural Dinner at Soya & Pomodoro

MIAMI SOUP Inaugural Dinner at Soya & PomodoroThursday, May 1, 6pm-8pm – Soya & Pomodoro, 120 NE 1ST Street, Miami

MIAMI SOUP hosts its inaugural dinner Thursday, May 1st at Soya & Pomodoro in Downtown Miami. Dinner guests will enjoy a simple supper of soup, salad, bread and beverage that generates a profit to be invested back in the community. Along with the purchase of the meal, each attendee receives a vote to cast in favor of a proposal for neighbor improvement. The income from the meal becomes part of a grant awarded that very night at the discretion of the guests. MIAMI SOUP is more than food for thought because it enables ideas to be transformed into reality and empowers positive change in a single neighborhood.