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Bottle & Bottega Sends Miami on an Art Hunt

Bottle & Bottega Sends Miami on an Art HuntMay 12 – 16, Unexpected Venues

Beginning on Monday, May 12th, and running through Friday, May 16th, Bottle & Bottega is sending local Miami residents scavenging for artistic treasures. Hidden throughout many of Greater Miami’s chic dining venues, this community event features four local artists’ paintings. The Art Hunt is open to the public. Starting Monday, clues about where each of the four pieces of art is hidden will be posted to Bottle & Bottega Miami’s Facebook Page. Winners simply take a photo of their art discovery and post it to the Bottle & Bottega Miami Facebook page. The first to find a painting also wins two free tickets to an upcoming Bottle & Bottega public party. The art pieces will be in plain sight within each venue, and the posted clues will be fairly simple. This is an opportunity for local art enthusiasts to experience an adventure in art unlike any before. Miami is sharing in a love of art that can now be seen all over the city – not confined to a studio or single section of the city. Miami’s Art Hunt is open to everyone. Bottle & Bottega Miami invites all who seek to add a bit of adventure into their search for attractive art to join the fun and uncover the paintings in unexpected venues. @bottlebottega09 #ArtHunt