HOUSE Nightclub Miami Opening WeekendMay 16 & 17 - Wynwood Arts District, 1915 NW Miami Court, Miami

Contortionists, opera singers, drag artists, aerialists, and other performance artists help create a dreamlike landscape, equal to what you would expect at a large-scale event. Like any home, HOUSE contains a family. Interact with resident characters, such the concerned HOUSE Grandmother who passes out cookies and condoms to all HOUSE guests to make sure you play it safe when you get home. As if such mind-blowing organic visual stimuli weren’t enough, there are also artificial enticements to further enhance your experience such as technological elements on par with those at a theme park – 360 degree architectural mapping, 3D panoramic projections, fog screens and holographic technology – that only increase the sensory surrealism inside HOUSE. Guests must use their own pre-registered HOUSE key for admission to the ultimate HOUSE party. You don’t have to wait in line for hours for some bouncer to arbitrarily choose you from the crowd; this is after all, your HOUSE. ” It’s about hospitality. When you come into HOUSE,” explains Lowe. “We want to make you feel at home.” HOUSE Key Required for Entry.