Closing Reception of The Art of Landscape Architecture | Part TwoSaturday, May 31, 6pm-11pm - Museum of Art and Cadence Pop-up Gallery, 435 N. Andrews Avenue No. 2, Fort Lauderdale

During April and in honor of National Landscape Architecture Month, Cadence celebrated their profession, The Art of Landscape Architecture | Part Two with a new presentation in exploring the creative profession of Landscape Architecture. Throughout the month, Cadence shared projects from around the world designed by Landscape Architects, showing the breadth and depth of this unique profession. The exhibit is a compilation of all 30 projects. Before Cadence opens their doors for May Artwalk, Rebecca Bradley and Gage Couch will discuss their profession and how each step of the design process is significant to the art of creating memorable living environments at the Museum of Art | Fort Lauderdale. This event will be free for JETS members; $10 for non-members and will include museum admission. At 8pm, Cadence welcomes you to their studio for a tour of The Art of Landscape Architecture | Part Two. A free Shark Shuttle will be provided from the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale to Cadence Pop-up Gallery. The gallery will be open during FATVillage Artwalk from 8pm-11pm. #CadenceGallery @CadenceLiving