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Carla Fache Studio Opening at The Fountainhead

Carla Fache Open Her Studio At The FountainheadSaturday, May 17, 6pm–10pm - Fountainhead Studios, 7338 NW Miami Ct., Miami

Miami artist Carla Fache will be opening the doors of her Art studio on Saturday, May 17th. Visitors will have the opportunity to have an intimate look inside the artist’s studio and learn more about her new works.In her studio, Fache will have some of her recent works in exhibition. Among them, “La Otra Mirada” an acrylic 3D painting, big paintings and a new installation. “Opening the doors of my studio is like opening the door of color to my canvas’s mental space”, explains Fache. Carla Fache is a chilean born, Miami-based visual artist who explores the frontiers of color, space, balance and matter, through her paintings and installations. Her work unfolds the juncture of parallel scenarios that occur simultaneously to quotidian realities, providing dimensions of escape against the society status quo, leverage a reconnection through her canvas portals. Color is essential in Fache’s work; she explores its infinite combinations and balance through careful blending primary and secondary colors, re- contextualizing the concept of coexistence, time and universality; a return to the essential. Her work employs a variety of materials including traditional canvas, but also introducing unusual artifacts, expanding outside of the two-dimensional plane of the canvas and into the surrounding environment.