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Curious Vault Collaborations 001

Curious Vault Collaborations 001 at Frost Museum of ScienceTuesday, June 10, 7pm–9pm - Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science, 3280 South Miami Avenue, Miami

Showcasing the importance of creativity and innovation in science, the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science (formerly Miami Science Museum) will host the free Curious Vault Collaborations 001 Coral panel discussion. The discussion will focus on the inaugural Curious Vault Collaborations exhibit – “Do Brain Corals Dream of Algal Symbionts?” – currently on display at the museum, and how the Curious Vault Collaborations project, a periodic exhibition and online cabinet of curiosities, puts a local artist and scientist together to create a tabletop display from their teamwork. The team must use at least one item from the museum’s collection. Over 200 local tastemakers and VIP guests are expected to attend the event.

“Do Brain Corals Dream of Algal Symbionts?” was created by Dr. Andrew Baker, associate professor of Marine Biology & Fisheries at the University of Miami, and local artist Sinisa Kukec. The exhibit is a massive brain coral, artistically embellished with custom made neon tubing. The result is a near never-ending view of neon and brain coral, an effect simulating an actual coral reef under the waves. The only materials used are brain coral, neon, acrylic two-way mirror, red oak, a soundtrack and electronics.

The discussion will feature Baker and Kukec, as well as local writer Nathaniel Sandler, founding member of the Bookleggers community mobile library; and Kevin Arrow, art & collection manager for the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science. Guests will enjoy an intimate symposium on the project, as well as a broader discussion of the merging of art and science. Prior to the discussion, guests will enjoy libations complimentary of Finlandia Vodka, and light bites in the museum lobby while observing the brain coral piece. Cocktails will follow the discussion. (Moderated discussion will begin promptly at 7:45 p.m.). RSVPs are required.