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Full Moon Yoga at 1 Hotel

The Full Blueberry Moon, Jazz, and MeditationWednesday, September 6, 7:30pm-9:30pm – One Hotel, 2400 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

The Full Moon in September is known as the “Full Corn Moon” by some Native American Tribes because it represents the ripening and harvesting of the staple crop, corn, this time of year. In modern times, this moon may represent the ripening and enjoyment of your most important virtues in life, such as happiness, love and fulfillment that may satisfy and please your inner spirit. The Universe might be offering you a full harvest of great things that will delight you with complete bliss. Please join us for this corny celebration with Yoga, healing acoustic bliss, and a guided meditation for obtaining happiness, love and fulfillment. Suggested donation, $10 per person.