Trio on the Bay Presents "Legends of Basketball - We Made this Game" Miami Heat EditionSaturday, May 21, 10pm – Trio On The Bay, 1601 79 Street causeway, North Bay Village

Icon Art Images will unveil the Miami Heat edition of its NBA “Legends of Basketball – We Made this Game,” a historical NBA artwork collage by renowned artist Erika King that features current and past NBA superstars in Miami.
The NBA “Legends of Basketball – We Made This Game” artwork created by Sam Battistone, founder and chairman of Dreamstar, and Cash McMahon, president and CEO of Icon Art Images, is a follow-up project to the “NBA Fifty Greatest Lithograph” produced by the NBA in conjunction with Mr. Battistone to celebrate the league’s 50th anniversary in 1997.

The artwork captures the excitement and electricity of the NBA, while showcasing the sport’s finest players in moving, colorful, vibrant images commonly equated with their on court theatrics and athleticism. The piece features Miami Heat legends Alonzo Mourning, Tim Hardaway, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal and Gary Payton, plus members of the NBA 50 Greatest Legends, including Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Julius Erving, Oscar Robertson, and Jerry West, in addition to current stars  Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Yao Ming, Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony, Dirk Nowitzki, and Chris Paul.