Anniversary Celebration Miami-Dade County Visual Arts

60 Minutes of Arts “To Be A Kid Again” Art Viewing & Anniversary Party

60 Minutes of Arts To Be A Kid Again Art Viewing & Anniversary PartySaturday, August 9, 5pm-6pm - Williams Park at Historic Overtown Villiage, 1717 NW 5 Avenue, Miami

60 Minutes of Art presents “To Be A Kid Again” art viewing & anniversary party. For 60 Minutes, the team provide each student with opportunity to experience the visual and performing arts to be used in their everyday lives. This program is used as a positive outlet for children ages 6-13 to channel the everyday aspects of their lives, artistically. While also allowing local high school students the opportunity to become involved in their communities through community service. They ask that you extend your generosity by donating school supplies to their future artist and in return provided free cocktail food and drinks! Admission is the donation of new, unused school supplies.