Miami Beach Visual Arts

“Strange Bedfellows” Exhibition Opening at Miami Beach Urban Studios

'Strange Bedfellows' Exhibition OpeningFriday, September 5, 7:30pm - Miami Beach Urban Studios, 420 Lincoln Rd., Suite 440, Miami Beach

Save the date for ‘Strange Bedfellows:’ Exhibition Opening. “The concept of “making strange,” has long been a goal of artists, perhaps best articulated by the Russian Formalists, who referred to the practice as ostranenie, or estrangement. The concept estrangement is based on the principle of repositioning language and symbol in order to create alternative perceptions, possibilities and interpretations for the viewer. By this definition, ostranenie, could also be understood as queering. Fluxus, one of the late 1960’s most international and gender inclusive Avant Garde movements, also explored the notion of estrangement through breaking down distinctions of life and art. For Fluxus artists, this idea of making strange could be applied not only to language and symbol but also to everyday occurrence. These artists attempted to break down distinctions between art and life as static and separate categories through inventive publications and email art, performances, musical concerts, and many other hybrid actions. Their interventions destabilized conventional definitions of art in much the same way that many of the artists participating in Strange Bedfellows use their own lives, relationships, and bodies as sites for a artistic and political intervention.”