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IMAX Grand Re-Opening

IMAX Grand Re-OpeningMonday, October 13, 10am – Museum of Discovery and Science, 401 S.W. Second Street, Fort Lauderdale

New Digital Projector + New Surround Sound + New Luxury Seats + New Giant Screen = The Ultimate IMAX Experience! What is the Ultimate IMAX Experience? It’s a fusion of sight and sound that can be enjoyed at the newly renovated AutoNation IMAX 3D Theater. The obvious difference in the theater is its 60’ x 80’ giant screen that literally spans from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, the screen isn’t simply bigger, it’s also shaped differently – not only wider but higher and curved which creates an immersive experience no matter where you’re seated. The very material of the screen is also different, more reflective and brighter, creating images of greater intensity and clarity.

Then there’s what we call the theater geometry, which refers to the shape of the auditorium and how the seats are placed. Most movie auditoriums are long and narrow, to get the most people in, with the screen way off at the far end. The distinctive shape of the AutoNation IMAX 3D Theater is designed to bring the audience not only closer to the screen, but better-positioned in relation to it. The result is an image that’s wider and higher than your field of view, a picture that’s immersive because you’re not aware of where it ends. And that, in turn, is what gives you the feeling you’re part of the action, out among the stars, not just peeking into a scene. View Show Times Here