Material Culture: Micky Wolfson in Conversation with Beth Dunlop Friday, March 10, 6pm-8pm – Miami Center for Architecture & Design, 100 NE 1st Avenue, Miami

The Wolfson family has had a far-reaching influence on Miami, in the spheres of art, architecture and design, that goes far beyond the Wolfsonian-FIU that we know of today. As a young man in Miami, Micky saw development and change first hand. His family was instrumental in shaping the built environment, including attractions like the Seaquarium and Key West. But objects held his interest, especially the unique aspect of human behavior that each piece represents. Beth Dunlop is editor-in-chief of Modern Magazine, and a celebrated architecture critic. Author of several books, that range in topic from the cottages of Coconut Grove to houses built for the families of architects, and the built environment of Disney, Beth is a skilled interviewer and journalist.