Broward County Tasting Event

FemAle Brew Fest 2017

FemAle Brew FestSunday, May 28, 1pm-5pm – FATVillage, BUILDING 517, 517 Northwest 1st Avenue, Fort Lauderdale

FemAle Brew Fest will be South Florida’s first EVER beer fest celebrating women in the  brewing industry. The festival will not just be about serving beers. Unlike any other beer festival, FemAle Brew Fest will be highlighting women in the beer industry. For years, the women in this industry have been overshadowed by their counterparts. FemAle Brew Fest is a platform that will host a panel of female beer experts and brewsters to give an insight into the beer industry. Women that have been shattering glass ceilings and clearing paths for other women looking to get into the brewing industry. This festival will be showcasing breweries from all over the United States that are owned/founded by women … ran by women, and/or have female brewsters. An event for all beer lovers are welcome to attend – MEN INCLUDED . FemAle Brew Fest will present everyone with an opportunity to both taste and educate themselves on female brewers’ contributions. This is a 21+ event. Portion of proceeds goes towards Pink Boots Society. @femalebrewfest