Miami-Dade County Visual Arts

Postcards, Resemblance in a State of Disappearance by Isabel Gouveia

Postcards, Resemblance in a State of Disappearance by Isabel GouveiaFriday, November 21, 6pm – 6th Street Container Alternative Art Space, 1155 (Rear) SW 6th St, Miami

This exhibition is part of an ongoing project that focuses on the concepts and effects of entropy, and examines photo albums filled with postcards, whose pages have become oxidized over time. Scenes of desertification and disappearance implied in these works refer to a stage of entropy called “heat death”, which occurs when heat spontaneously flows to cooler regions, promoting a homogeneous temperature that ends the exchange of energy between bodies. In some pieces, the surfaces of the postcards were scratched and altered to obscure the original imagery. In others, the iconic structures have becut out and re-ordered as anonymous compilations, Likewise, these actions all depersonalize the book of souvenirs so carefully collected by an individual, whose very identity was once shaped by these Pbooks of memories, only to have their identity stripped away. Now they become my imagined critical vision with intention of revelation about effects on excess, mass-production, consumerism, waste, disappearance and lost of identities.