Finding Happy: An Inspired Talk on the Science of Happiness, Ditching Depression and Living a More Joyful LifeTuesday, November 25, 7pm – The Bookstore in The grove, 3390 Mary St, Miami, Coconut Grove

Happiness is a buzzword that’s everywhere these days. But what does it really mean? Is it just about smiley faces and “positive thinking”? Can you really, truly get happier and stay happier? Hannah Sentenac will answer your burning questions in her heart-to-heart talk about the science of happiness, beating depression and living a joyful life at the Bookstore in the Grove. Despite our society’s increasing material wealth, more people than ever are bogged down by depression, anxiety and a feeling of alienation. For millions of folks, happiness can feel like an unrealistic, impossible dream. But Hannah’s message is that there’s always hope for a happier life, and we all have the power to change. As a Happiness Advocate, Hannah speaks about happiness, embarks on happiness-focused projects and writes about happiness for publications including the Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Live Happy magazine and her blog, Expect a wildly entertaining talk with plenty of audience participation; interactive, science-based exercises to get you started on your happiness journey; a happiness reading list and loads of amusing anecdotes. Hannah will also introduce her exciting new interactive art installation, The Happy Wall, going up in Cocowalk on November 29th! Attendees can snag a glass of wine and a snack from the bookstore’s yummy cafe, pick a seat and jump headfirst into a happiness movement. Admission is free.