Miami-Dade County Visual Arts

The Directed Art Modern Presents Khotan Fernandez

Khotan Fernandez Solo Art Exhibition at the Directed Art ModernThursday, June 6, 6pm-9pm – The DAM Gallery, 350 N.E. 75th Street, Space 109, Miami

The Directed Art Modern is pleased to present L.U.C.A, a solo exhibition by Miami artist Khotan Fernandez. L.U.C.A:Last Universal Common Ancestor, experiments with the use of different materials, including glass, resin, paper, tile, wax, ink, and cut-out drawing enhancing the idea that it is through the many differing components, when seen together mimics the start of being, and how the world today and the individual are comprised of many elements, which ultimately unites us all. The collection also involves a metamorphic vision between mediums, in which sculptural objects appear to be transforming, or evolving from something they were, or into something completely new, mesmerizing the viewer in the process. @DirectedArtMod @FernandezKHOTAN