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The Paradise Fund 7th Annual “Paradise Casino”

The Paradise Fund 7th Annual Paradise CasinoFriday, November 28, 7pm – Whitehall, 1 Whitehall Way, Palm Beach

In Palm Beach, circa 1898, Colonel Edward Bradley opened the Beach Club, gambling casino that was the first in the nation to allow ladies at the gaming tables. It was a sprawling wooden structure in the expedient architectural style of the day. Bradley circumvented Florida’s state ban on gambling simply by not allowing any full-time state residents to become members of his club. Thousands of dollars, a few yachts, and many shares of stock changed hands nightly at the casino.

It was strictly black tie after six o’clock in the evening; Palm Beach’s penchant for formal dress was indelibly inked into the season’s schedule. However, on his death, Colonel Bradley asked that the casino be torn down so that unscrupulous gamblers couldn’t move in after him…and for over 60 years, the Colonel’s testament remained true.

In 2007, The Paradise Fund broke the Colonel’s curse. So ladies, welcome back to the tables, and gents, make sure to break out your season’s best. On November 28, 2014, The Paradise Fund will host its Seventh Annual Paradise Casino at the home of none other than the infamous oil-tycoon Henry Morrison Flagler. Expect live music, exotic cars, exotic drinks and exquisite hour d’ouerves. With even more gaming tables from blackjack to craps, the night is sure to be filled with enjoyment and style. More chips can be purchased on site at the “bank”. Guests will be allowed to trade in their winnings for many different amazing prizes. Individual tickets are $250.