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NOMAD Gallery Brussels Presents Made in Africa and the Diaspora

NOMAD Gallery Brussels Presents Made in Africa and the DiasporaSunday, November 30, 12pm-6pm – Arthaus, 21 NE 95 Street, Miami Shores

Belgian NOMAD Gallery has decided to embrace its nomadic underpinnings once again by taking a mid-century modern home in Miami and transforming it into a Contemporary African Art hub. Made in Africa and the Diaspora showcases seven artists who will be exhibited alongside Tribal African art curated by Amadou Thiam.

Fullbright scholar Ruby Amanze’s work is informed by the confluence of her Nigerian roots, London upbringing and Brooklyn base. She interweaves design, architecture, drawing and photography in a series of extraordinary drawings that provocatively explore dream-like states of mixed identities. Juxtaposed alongside Duhirwe Rushemeza’s the essence of multilayered existence is visible amongst the work of both. Aimé Mpane picks away at his wooden portraits to expose the effervescence of the human self, while William Kentridge’s powerful drawings only enforce the drama of human error. Caribbean extractions Lavar Munroe (Fountainhead veteran) and Jean-François Boclé focus on the dynamics of identity and cultural appropriation on paper. George Edozie depicts the African cubist experience, not only here, but with a solo show at MOCA.

Made in Africa and the Diaspora is an extraordinary exhibit that encapsulates the dynamic fervor of discursive practice in Tribal and Contemporary African Art. Ethnographical expert Amadou Thiam, owner of Yassine Gallery and dealer since 1965, will undeniably confront each artist with their roots. Open solely on Sunday November 30 from 12-6pm and by appointment, this show is not to be missed. For more info contact Walter Deweerdt at 305-496-3356 or Ashley Peeler at 704-408-0784.