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The Multiple Opening at Viloria Blanco Gallery

The Multiple Opening at Viloria Blanco GalleryMonday, December 1, 6pm-10pm, Viloria Blanco Gallery, 2301 North Miami Ave, Miami Wynwood Arts District

A group exhibition curated by Francisco Arevalo Featuring Modern Masters such as Soto, Manzoni, Fontana, Cruz-Diez, Arman, Le Parc, Sobrino, Tomasello, Vardanega, Boto, Warhol, Hirst and Villamizar. Piero Manzoni, Artist’s Shit (“Merda d’artista”), 1961 The Multiple is a chronological survey of the origins of the multiple as a social tool for the mass use of art. Back in the late 1930′s, Marcel Duchamp created a series of ready-made objects originally or hand-signed by him, and multiplied them beyond the historical standards of artists’ editions. The idea of mass production of an object of artistic value at low prices bore the idea of introducing the art to the masses, making it affordable. By 1953, ballet dancer, philosopher and artist Daniel Spoerri further developed Duchamp’s idea, making it more formal and structured, and called upon a number of fellow artists to create an object that would be massively produced and bear the social intention of reaching low-income art lovers. @viloriablanco