Blacklight Run MiamiSaturday, January 31, 6:30pm – Homestead-Miami Speedway, 1 Ralph Sanchez Speedway Blvd, Homestead

Blacklight Runâ„¢ is a unique night experience focused less on speed and more on glow-in-the-dark fun with friends and family. Glowing participants come from all different ages, shapes, sizes, and speeds; every participant will get Glowedâ„¢ and has the time of their life. Whether you are an avid runner or a walk around the park walker, the 3 miles of the Blacklight Runâ„¢ course will have you glowing and waiting for the next one! The Blacklight Runâ„¢ has been setup with very simple rules: 1) Wear a white shirt (any white T-shirt will work) worn at the start line. 2) Finish covered in neon powder, that will glow in the Blacklight Zonesâ„¢ and at the Blacklight Run Partyâ„¢. By the end, they look like they fell into a ghost busters movie and are covered with different colored Glowâ„¢. This is the first of its kind at night and is quickly sweeping the nation! Each participant will receive: – White Blacklight Run T-Shirt – Swag from Sponsors – Race Bib – Donation to local charities – Glow Pack to throw at the finish line! @BlacklightRun