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19th Annual OPAL Awards Gala & Fundraiser

19th Annual Opal AwardsSaturday, January 14, 6:30pm-11pm – Boca West Country Club, 124 Southwest 11th Court, Boca Raton

The Outstanding People And Leaders Awards recognizes citizens in Boca Raton who have demonstrated an on-going commitment to serve their neighbors and our City through Philanthropic, Professional Leadership (Business), Education, Governmental(Civic), Community Service and Medical Service Endeavors. These individuals represent the ESSENCE of why Boca Raton is a remarkable place to live, work and raise a family. Thy have consistently made a difference and are always at the forefront of making our Community better. In most cases these Unique Citizens have been SERVING for a long time. Their Life’s work may have culminated in one big event or they could have had many success stories along the way. Individual tickets are $250.