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The Daily Meal Life Extension

The Daily Meal Life ExtensionSaturday, February 21, 11am-4pm - Life Extension Nutrition Center, 5990 N. Federal Hwy. Fort Lauderdale

Life Extension will host a day of seminars featuring:
11 a.m. Nutrition for Thyroid Health
Stephen Silver, M.D. - Medical Director, HealthSmart M.D.
Learn how your thyroid gland affects whole-body health including weight and metabolism … and how proper nutrition can help you keep it healthy.
1 p.m. Digestive Enzymes for a Modern Diet
Matthew Cooper, D.C. - USA Sports Therapy and Enzyme Nutrition
Find out how to replenish the loss of digestive enzymes so you can improve your GI health and so much more.
3 p.m. Bone Broth is the New Coffee
Elisa Eliot, Private Nutrition Chef - Wholesome Meals
Discover why bone broth may be the new superfood … and learn how to make your own!
Guests will enjoy free food sampling, 10% featured products (in-store only), and the chance to win a $50 gift card to Life Extension after each seminar. Blood Tests, Pharmacy, and Clinical Research Studies are also available at this location.