Sickle Cell Care Research Network Ribbon CuttingFriday, February 13, 10am – Foundation For Sickle Cell Disease Research, 3858 Sheridan Street, Suite S, Hollywood

The Foundation For Sickle Cell Disease Research is having it’s grand opening! Make sure to attend ribbon cutting and become a part of history is South Florida! Did you know that Sickle Cell Disease is the most commonly diagnosed genetic disorder in newborns? 1 out of 10 African-Americans is a carrier (sickle cell trait) and 1 out of 100 Hispanic-Americans is a carrier. Many of us don’t know we are carriers. There are 3 million carriers in the United States and millions more in the Caribbean, Brasil, Africa, Saudi Arabia and India. Two carriers have a 25% of having a baby with Sickle Cell Disease. Individual can live into their 50’s and 60’s. There is no cure – But there can be!