Miami-Dade County Visual Arts

“AMERICAN ICONS” Solo Exhibition by Hernando Alzate

AMERICAN ICONS Solo Exhibition by HERNANDO ALZATEThursday, June 30, 6-9pm – Cristina Chacon Gallery, 3162 Commodore Plaza, Suite 1F2, Coconut Grove

AMERICAN ICONS, beyond a surprising and novel pictorial proposal, is a sample of how art achieves, in a magical way, to revive and create new sensations around mythical figures of our recent history. This new collection of the artist Hernando Alzate, contextualizes these legendary figures within actual and very contemporary scenes, making them emerge like giants within the great cities of today, like an allegorical vision that leaves us with the impression that none of them has departed forever, that in a way they remain in our collective memory, like mythological gods that never die.

AMERICAN ICONS, uses Neo Pop like the more appropriate vehicle of expression to heighten this proposal, by vigor that allows in the handling of color, textures and the superimposition of impossible planes, in order to create worthy scenes of the personages to whom tribute renders. AMERICAN ICONS, it is a unique collection that teaches to us that nostalgia can have a side of happiness, filled with color, energy and vitality.

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