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Miami-Dade Real Estate Investors Association Networking Mix & Mingle

Miami-Dade Real Estate Investors Association Networking Mix & MingleThursday, July 6, 6pm-9pm – Pullman Miami Airport, 5800 Blue Lagoon Dr, Miami

Discover 8 Secrets of Real Estate Trust With Land Trust Made Simple With: Randy Hughes Full Time Real Estate Investor, Teacher, Author. Do you own your own property? If so, you’re doing it wrong.There is absolutely no reason to own property in your name! Randy has been investing in Single Family Homes (as rental property) since 1969. He has discovered that there are NO positive benefits to owning real estate in your own personal name…only negatives! 

There is a lot of wealth to be made in real estate investing, but you have to learn how to protect it or you will lose it! It is actually easier to build wealth than it is to KEEP wealth. Once you reach a certain level of success everyone (and their dog and their dog’s attorney) will be after you for a free ride. Filings of civil cases in the district courts continue to increase. 2015 cases jumped to 375,870 according to the latest government data. You spend a lot of time learning how to make money in the real estate investment business. Register for upcoming meeting to learn how to protect those hard earned assets.