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South Florida Sugaring Grand Opening

South Florida Sugaring Grand OpeningTuesday, May 17, 3pm – South Florida Sugaring (inside My Salon Suite), 4600 North University Drive, #203, Lauderhill

South Florida Sugaring now offers America’s sweetest hair removal choice, Sugaring! JNew clients will receive 35% off ANY sugaring hair removal service plus a FREE lip or brow wax. Men will be offered a FREE shoulder wax to complement a back sugaring appointment.
What exactly is Sugaring Hair Removal, also called Sugar Waxing?
Sugaring is an all natural process using a sugar paste, which is sugar, lemon juice and water. It looks a little like taffy. The paste is molded into the hair follicles (opposite direction of hair growth) and with a flick of the wrist, the hair is removed in the natural direction of growth by the root. This process reduces the amount of hair breakage one would typically experience with traditional waxing. With less hair breakage, you will see LESS ingrown hair and less irritation. Sugar paste can only adhere to hair and dead skin, it cannot adhere to live skin layers like traditional waxing. Most people find sugaring to be much less painful than waxing and rarely return to waxing after experiencing sugaring. Sugaring is safe for all skin types, including sensitive and mature. For this very reason, we highly recommend sugaring for intimate hair removal sessions such as female and male Brazilians and facial hair removal. Sugaring hair removal is anti microbial and anti bacterial. Bacteria cannot breed in sugar paste and there is never ever any DOUBLE DIPPING! With sugar, we use one ball of sugar for most of the area to be serviced. True sugaring is all done by hand, never any sticks or strips. Once we are finished, the ball of hairy sugar is thrown in the trash. Sugar is not hot, so there is no risk of burning the skin. Sugar is water soluble, so when you leave, you will not be sticky or have an oily residue left behind. Simply smooth, soft, hair-free skin! @SugaringFlorida


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