Saturday, July 9, 7-10pm – De La Cruz Collection, 23 NE 41 Street, Miami Design District

As part of ongoing radio programming, Lobo and Hannum will present a performance, stage set and radio broadcast in the rear courtyard at the de la Cruz Collection. Hannum will be performing three 30-minute ritualistic vocal invocations disturbing the surface of a dye filled trough designed by Lobo. The sound will be broadcasted on FM radio and will be audible throughout the building. Performances will take place at 7 pm, 8 pm and 9 pm.

Nicolas Lobo is a Miami based artist whose practice mediates high profile exhibitions and small, independent projects. Recently Lobo exhibited at MOCA, N. Miami; Miami Art Museum and other internationally recognized venues such as NADA Art Fair and ARTIS in the Netherlands. His activities also include producing radio broadcasts. He recently published a book with [NAME] Publications. Lobo, who is represented in Miami by Charest-Weinberg Gallery, will launch a forthcoming audio cassette with the Augurari label.

Terence Hannum, is a Chicago based musician and visual artist. His drawings, paintings and video installations cull the periphery of heavy metal music subcultures by analyzing the nexus of music, myth, audience and ritual. Hannum is a prolific zine maker. In 2010 he made a zine a month that culminated in the exhibition “Negative Litanies” at Western Exhibitions, Chicago in 2011.  He has exhibited at the Richard Peeler Center at DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana; Peregrine Projects, Chicago; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; Light & Sie, Dallas.
Hannum has collaborated with New York-based artist Scott Treleaven at Kavi Gupta Gallery, Chicago and The Breeder, Athens.  He performs music solo and with the group Locrian.

Kevin Arrow’s Amor Infinitus is based on a selection of two 35mm slides from a trove of travel slides that the artist received from a source who traveled around the world. These images speak to a love of travel and question what it is to be someplace else, memories, evidence, eternal love and impermanence.