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Alphamesh Make US Debut at LMNT

Alphamesh Make US Debut at LMNTThursday March, 19, 6pm-10pm - LMNT, 59 NW 36th St, Miami Midtown

Alphamesh, the innovative European company which uses ancient metal chain-mail inspired materials, for architectural and interior design, will make its official US debut at LMNT. Join to experience their exciting materials up close and personal in one of the most dynamic locations in Miami. LMNT was selected as the company was searching for the “perfect location” within a city known for its diverse people, cultures, and real estate. When choosing where to formally “introduce” their brand and product to the design, engineering, real estate and décor communities alike, they chose Miami and this one-of-a-kind entertainment complex and gallery.
For several years, Alphamesh has provided innovative and versatile material for architectural and interior design. Inspired by the ancient metal chain mail, blended with cutting edge durable mesh fabrics, the Alphamesh product line combines the elements of classic design with a modern touch. This seamless marriage, results in a product to create unique products and enhance any project be it a sculpture, a curtain, apparel and then some. Alphamesh’s materials have been used to create acclaimed works of art showcased the world over. Many of the most acclaimed sculptures in buildings during the last decade have had their mark.
Event guests will enjoy an evening featuring an array of unique examples of the Alphamesh concept, and applications. They will also enjoy music, a cocktail reception featuring delicious libations and fare featured by the culinary artists at LMNT.