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Art Bastion Miami Presents Transiens et Vanitas Exhibition by Charlie Masson

Art Bastion Miami Presents Transiens et Vanitas Exhibition by Charlie MassonThursday, March 26, 6pm-9pm - Art Bastion, 2085 NW 2nd Avenue, #104, Miami Wynwood Arts District

Global art agency and gallery, Art Bastion Miami, will be showcasing exclusive paintings from Transiens et Vanitas, the inaugural Miami solo exhibition of Charlie Masson, March 26th through April 18th, 2015. The Transiens et Vanitas exhibition consists of 68 works made in a variety of media, including previously unseen assemblages, paintings on panels, as well as paintings on familiar packaging materials.

The artwork highlights vanity and superficiality in online social media and popular culture, and simultaneously serve as reminders of the transience of trends and materials people assign value to. The works pay tribute to influencers that have shaped today’s world. The transience of life, values and pursuits is the dominant motif throughout the Transiens et Vanitas exhibition. Following tradition stemming from Flemish artists of the 17th century, Masson also incorporates the philosophy of “vanitas” in his works. His works are represented in private collections around the world that include those of HRH Prince of Wales and Baron Cavendish of Furness. Masson’s first series of paintings titled #vanity (I-V), is in a format that mimics the interface of Instagram and the works are painted in a style that recalls pop-art through usage of bold lines and Ben-Day dots and calls into question the phenomenon of “selfies.”