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Higher Frequency #SpreadLove at Naomi’s Garden

Higher Frequency #SpreadLove at Naomi's GardenMonday, May 11, 8pm-11:11pm  - Naomi’s Garden – 650 NW 71 St., Miami

Higher Frequency #SpreadLove is a monthly gathering on the 11th of every month celebrating the energy of master number 11; the number to DNA which we look to awaken by reminding self of the energetic power of positive surroundings. The expression of local artists through music, dance, art, poetry, and original performances will magnify the experience. Vibrate together in a night of ONEness alongside positive free spirits alike as we celebrate the 1 year anniversary of coming together and capturing the frequency with us by transmuting, transforming, and transmitting higher vibrations through soul captivating performances. South Florida’s most inspired musicians and poetically inclined artists will take to the mic to communicate, share & and In-lighten. This event is for guests to explore a psyche enhancement experience through artistic expressions, international sounds and “floetry”; fitting for the OPEN MINDs. Special featured artist, Ras Abuna will introduce a new genre of music called OPERA Reggae which infuses both Opera and Reggae, creating an eclectic sound within his performance. Higher Frequency this month will bring in the power of sounds through the heart beat drumming performance known as Nyahbinghi, a communal meditative vibration consisting of chanting and drumming to reach states of heightened spirituality; a tradition that was resurfaced during the days of Rastafarian Bob Marley. Monday, May 11th, 2015, join to celebrate the life of Bob Marley through some of the artists that will cover his most lyrically in-tuned music pertaining to love, peace, and harmony “4ManKind”. The 5 elements of the earth will be in surrounding included by the bonfire set in place. Admission is $11 per person.