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Reserva de la Familia Debuts ‘Galeria de la Familia’ in South Beach

Reserva de la Familia Debuts 'Galeria de la Familia' in South BeachMonday, May 11, MAPS Production House, 212 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

Jose Cuervo launched the ‘Galeria de la Familia’ in South Beach at the MAPS Production House to celebrate an evening of luxury art, with their famed extra-anejo tequila bottling, Reserva de la Familia. A mix of media and trade guests spent the evening viewing artwork of past renditions of select Reserva artwork designs on display and enjoyed a taste of the extra-anejo Reserva de la Familia tequila.

Heritage Director and Ambassador for Jose Cuervo, Sonia Espinola lead guests through an interactive tequila tasting, sharing the brand’s history and heritage and paired the tequila with dark chocolate to bring our the complex flavor notes of the extra aged tequila. To bring Reserva to life, the brand commissioned Miami based, Mexican collage artist Pepe Mar to create his own art piece as inspired by the tequila brand. Guests had the privilege of watching live art as he put the finishing touches on his piece and spoke with guests about his design. #ReservadelaFamilia @josecuervo