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FilmGate Friday Happy Hour: Burning Man Talk with Jonathan Clark

FilmGate Friday Happy Hour: Burning Man Talk with Jonathan ClarkFriday, July 26, 5pm-7pm – Filmgate Miami / Downtown Media Center, 168 Southeast 1st Street, Miami

Join photographer & cinematographer Jonathan Clark as he takes the viewer on a visual journey into the heart and soul of the largest ‘leave no trace’ event in the world, Burning Man.

Every year for one week, 70,000 people come together manifesting as the ephemeral settlement known Black Rock City, a barren desert outpost complete with mars like dust storms. Inside the city people experiment with an alternative style of living where the main form of commerce is gifting.

During the day the participants cycle amongst giant pieces of art and discuss the meaning of life and a hug a stranger they just met way out in ‘deep playa’. By night, ride on top of a fire breathing mutant vehicle in a sea of blinky lights which feel like being 2 miles deeps deep down in the ocean. In the center of Back Rock City is a giant sculpture of ’The Man’ that is ritualistically set alight at the culmination fo the the event.

Jonathan’s slideshow will cover the history, art, community, principles and feature some of the most notable people behind the creation of the event. Much of the content will have been never seen before by the general public.