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#BlackGirlsMIA: Black Girls Matter Town Hall

#BlackGirlsMIA: Black Girls Matter Town HallThursday, May 28, 6pm-9pm – African Heritage Cultural Arts Center, 6161 NW 22 Ave, Miami

Against the backdrop of surveillance, punishment, and criminalization of youth of color in the United States, #BlackGirlsMIA seeks to increase awareness of the gendered consequences of disciplinary and push-out policies for girls of color, and, in particular, Black girls.

The African American Policy Forum and Columbia Law School’s Center for Intersectionality and Social Policy Studies released a study that shows that Girls of color face much harsher school discipline than their white peers but are excluded from current efforts to address the school-to-prison pipeline.

In Miami Black girls comprise less than 1/4 of the overall girls population, but 1/3 of the number of students receiving in-school suspensions and over half of those receiving out-of-school suspensions. Consistent with the findings of AAPF’s #BlackGirlsMatter Report, these ratios were more disproportionate than those for black boys when compared to their white counterparts.

It’s time to break the silence! Join us Thursday May 28th at 6PM at the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center as young women share their stories and we dive deeper into the issues facing black girls.