Anniversary Celebration Miami Beach Performing Arts

Jazid’s 19th Anniversary Weekend

Jazid's 19th Anniversary WeekendJune 12 & 13, 11pm – Jazid, 1342 Washington Ave, Miami Beach

Jazid is one of the lone survivors, celebrating a successful, unprecedented 19 years with a weekend full of what has made it last this long in the first place: excellent live music. Reggae powerhouse Inna Sense performs at 11 p.m. Friday, June 12 and Latin reggae/urban soul outfit Xperimento performs at 11 p.m. Saturday. Oski Foundation is also performing on the 12th and its founder-slash-booking agent Oski Gonzalez says, “The place really lives up to its reputation of being a multi-cultural mix of Latin and American jazz, funk, cumbia, reggae, rock and more.” Owner Daniel Wohlstein is humbled. “We couldn’t be prouder to be Miami Beach live music survivors. While we’ve seen lots of clubs come and go, Jazid is still around to offer the best live bands in town. I invite everyone to celebrate nineteen great years of music and good times with two of our favorites, Inna Sense and Xperimento.” General admission is $10. @jazidnet