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Rubi Lounge Opens in the Heart of Brickell

Rubi Lounge Opens in the Heart of BrickellMonday, July 6, 5pm-1am - Rubi Lounge, 141 SW 7th St, Miami Brickell

This Fourth of July, Rubi Lounge celebrated their grand opening, offering the largest Independence Day and opening party extravaganza around. Sitting atop the bottom-floor entrance of one of Brickell’s most recognized buildings, it’s hard to miss the sign announcing the arrival of Rubi Lounge. The red jewel logo, along with the striking décor that peeks out of floor-to-celing windows gives a sense of the vibrant and lively atmosphere happening just on the other side of the doors.

The dynamic characteristic is a direct result of Chef Jose Manuel Paz’s personality and experience.  A culinary ingénue in his own right, Chef Paz takes pride in the international flavors displayed on the menu. From a young age, he has lived and experienced the cultures of faraway places like Venezuela, Brazil, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden, most recently settling in South Florida eight years ago. Now with the backing of two supportive owners, and a partnership with LMG, leaders in the marketing and events industry, Chef Paz is pouring his talent into his greatest passion yet.

“Rubi represents passion.  The ruby is a brilliant red stone, which we loved the idea of incorporating into the concept,” said Chef Paz.  “Miami is a city full of flair and passion and we wanted to represent that in our name, menu and our atmosphere.” Restaurant-goers can enjoy a variety of plates and dishes made of organic and seasonal ingredients. Paz has created signature dishes such as Funchi Fries, a Caribbean-style polenta, topped with parmesan cheese, roasted garlic aoli and sun-dried tomatoes. Another crowd favorite includes the Two Shredded Pork Taquitos, a mojo-marinated pork shoulder, with guacamole, pico de gallo, queso fresco and jalapeño sour cream served in a crispy warm tortilla.

“We love being in the heart of Brickell, we are walking distance from many locals, who frequent many of our events,” said LMG owner, Julio Zambrano. “Rubi Lounge has an authentic Miami vibe, we want to welcome everyone who wants to dance the night away or enjoy a delicious cocktail at the bar or patio.” For those looking to host large scale events, look no further than Rubi Lounge as your best option.  Housed walking distance from Citi Center, Rubi offers a functional venue able to host grand private events; it boasts more than 4,000 sq. ft. that hold over 10,000 patrons! #RubiLounge #‎ExperienceRubi‬