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“Eureka Miami” by HaviArt at Italgres Wynwood

"Eureka Miami" by HaviArt at Italgres WynwoodMonday, December 4, 7pm-9pm – HaviArt at Italgres Wynwood, 2045 NW 1st Ave, Miami Wynwood Arts District

“Eureka Miami #1” is International Art exhibit during Miami Art Week 2017. This exhibition brings together artists from different parts of the world to meet and exhibit in Miami during Miami Basel. They will combine their own personal artistic eureka moments, expressed in their works of art, to create a eureka exhibition moment all its own; an exhibition based on a universe of chaos and chance. In what some have seen as a philosophical description of the spontaneous, creative artistic process, Edgar Allan Poe proposed in his prose poem, Eureka, that “because Nothing was, therefore All Things are.” Visiting hours are Tuesday to Friday 10am to 5pm. @HaviArt ‏