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MesaMar Seafood Table Celebrates Grand Opening

MesaMar Seafood Table Celebrates Grand OpeningWednesday, August 12, 6pm - MesaMar Seafood Table, 264 Giralda Avenue, Coral Gables

Chef Fifi and MesaMar Seafood Table invited guests to the grand opening event with Grand Inauguration and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony by Mayor Jim Cason and the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce. Guests were able to sample hors d’oeuvres off the MesaMar menu and enjoy LIVE entertainment. “I love to explore new and exciting flavors. I am excited to share them with my customers who I hope become my extended family and friends,” said Chef Fifi, chef and owner of MesaMar .

MesaMar Seafood Table is a fusion of high quality, fresh seafood paired with oriental and Latin influences. Inspired by her passion for bold flavors and her love of seafood, Chef Fifi has created a soon to be iconic restaurant in the city of Coral Gables. MesaMar’s menu boasts a wide array of fresh seafood options and also pays homage to the chef’s Venezuelan roots with items like Grilled Venezuelan Pinchos. The chef is known for preparing her signature Catch of the Day either simply grilled or fried whole and pairing it with her savory homemade sauces. Mirroring the beauty of its surrounding city of Coral Gables, MesaMar’s décor brings a sense of relaxed elegance to the space. Soft blue tones and wood accents invite guests to unwind and enjoy while savoring a delicious and freshly prepared meal. ‪#‎MesaMar‬ ‪@MesaMarSeafood