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Coral Springs Museum of Art Masterpiece Event 2015

Coral Springs Museum of Art Masterpiece Event 2015Thursday, August 20, 7pm-10pm – Coral Springs Museum of Art, 2855 Coral Springs Drive, Coral Springs

Every year, the Coral Springs Museum of Art proudly hosts an annual fundraiser with the mission to raise support for the Museum’s innovative and educational art programs and exhibitions. This year, the Museum presented the “Masterpiece Event: Blame It On Rio!” with special guest Romero Britto. This lively carnival, full of Brazilian spirit, flavor and flair, celebrated famed artist Romero Britto, his iconic artwork currently on display at the Museum, and his treasured homeland.

“Masterpiece Event: Blame It On Rio!” private VIP cocktail reception consisted of an open bar, freshly made Leblon Cachaca caipirinhas, catering from The Feisty Bull, desserts by Paladar Catering Service, and special unveiling during the reception. Bonnie and Steve Opler who are collectors of Britto’s works and his first American patrons, unveiled very first piece of Britto’s art sold in U.S. The most memorable part of the night, however, was when Romero Britto himself gave an introduction to his artwork and a brief story of the beginning of his artistic career here in the U.S. back in the 80s. Though Britto, originally from Recife, Brazil, has fantastic history in the U.S., his Brazilian roots are constantly visible in his colorful work.

A few caipirinhas into the night, and with a tremendous crowd of people eager to meet him, it was difficult to get a few seconds- let alone minutes- to speak with Romero Britto himself. Few Questions For Romero Britto:

Any particular reason for the darker colors in your previous artwork?

It’s all vintage. I used to paint on newspaper and with the colors available to me. In this case they were darker colors. I have always liked bright colors, but at the time resources were limited and this is what I had.

How much did you sell your first artwork for here in the United States? And what’s the highest price one of your pieces runs at today?

The first piece I sold for so little- it was nothing. A couple hundred dollars. Highest price of one of my paintings today is $200.000.