Charity & Causes Launch Event Miami Beach Tasting Event

“Chocolate Chase” Launch Party

“Chocolate Chase” Launch PartySunday, August 16, 2pm-8pm – The Frieze Ice Cream, 1626 Michigan Ave, Miami Beach

Local entrepreneur, real estate professional and ice cream aficionado, Howard Chase is using his love for ice cream to make the world a better place. Howard and his wife, Liliana frequent The Frieze ice cream shop on Lincoln Road, so much so they’re getting their own “Chocolate Chase” flavor. 100% of “Chocolate Chase” sales will benefit another of Chase’s interests, The Woody Foundation, additionally, The Frieze has pledged to donate .50 cents of every sale of “Chocolate Chase” to The Woody Foundation indefinitely.

The Woody Foundation, Inc. is a not for profit organization formed to raise funds for the recovery of people with paralysis. The namesake of the foundation, James “Woody” Beckham suffered his spinal cord injury making a rugby tackle in January 2011. His family and friends have bonded together to support and raise funds for others with paralysis.