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Maestro Del Mar Chef Challenge #3

Maestro Del Mar Chef Challenge #3Wednesday, August 26, 6:30pm-9pm – Saltwater Brewery, 1701 W Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach

The 3rd Maestro del Mar Chef Challenge took place at the Saltwater Brewery, Delray Beach’s first local production micro brewery, with the “Reef Room” tasting room on site. Four competing chefs for the 3rd Semi-Final round were Exec Chef Kelley Randall from The Office Delray, Exec Chef Blake Malatesta of 50 Ocean, Exec Chef Jarod Higgins from Cut 432, and Exec Chef Dane Iacangelo from Potions in Motion. Panel of Judges included: Josh Cohen of ESPN West Palm, Brenna Bertram of Whole Foods Market West Palm Beach, and Skip Sheffield of The Boca Raton Tribune.

The winner of Semi-Final #3 was Chef Blake Malatesta of 50 Ocean. Chef Blake Malatesta brings a unique combination of Southern tastes and international, culinary flair to his position as the executive chef at 50 Ocean. As a native of Louisiana, where he ate stalks of sugarcane while shucking oysters as a boy, Malatesta grew up influenced by the contrasting tastes, textures, and temperatures of fresh food and flavor combinations.