Anniversary Celebration Miami Wynwood Arts District

Bookleggers 6 Year Anniversary

Bookleggers 6 Year AnniversarySaturday, August 25, 3pm-8pm – Boxelder Craft Beer Market, 2817 NW 2nd Ave, Miami Wynwood Arts District

Like any proper 6 year old, Bookleggers wants magicians for its birthday. Be prepared to be amazed (and to also get a free book). First 100 attendees get a free Bookleggers branded deck of cards. Magicians on site all day. Tarot from 5-8pm Mysterious decorations. Ouija Boards. Magic 8-balls. Casual discussions about Houdini. Arguments about whether Magic or Magick is cooler. One free beer if you come dressed like Merlin. Two if you sing “Higitus Figitus” in its entirety. Bookleggers will be auctioning off a rare occult and magickal library. Make yourself the talk of any cocktail party and claim sorcerer/sorceress status with authority. The University of Miami Special Collections will be there displaying rare magic and occult books from the Jackie Gleason Collection.