Anniversary Celebration Broward County

Candyman’s 9th Anniversary Black & White Party

Candyman's 9th Anniversary Black & White PartyFriday, May 26, 10pm – SWAY Nightclub, 111 SW 2nd Ave, Fort Lauderdale

VIP Television is a hot lifestyle TV show that highlights current trends in South Florida, featuring celebrities, nightlife, charities, and more. The show is set to go nation wide for Season 10! Media is invited to meet the principals, get the history and the moving forward plans including a reality show involving in which some of the riders are from VIP TV. Meet the principals of VIP-TV sweeping the nation with close to 2 million views per month and what their formula is, next projects and all about the upcoming season.  This party will also be a contestant search for Season 10 of VIP-TV, and a celebration for their 9th year anniversary in business!