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Body and Landscape: The Inhabited World

Body and Landscape : The Inhabited WorldWednesday, October 14, 7pm-9pm – Bossa Gallery, 4141 NE 2nd Ave, Suite 107, Miami Design District

Behind each photographed landscape there is a fragment of the history of the human gaze. To remember that every record taken of a space – natural or architectural – contains the trace of the hand controlling the lens and the presence of the body, changes the way we see. Body and landscape: The inhabited world brings together contemporary Brazilian photographers, who capture the universe as a mirror of presences.

Cássio Vasconcellos removes from the rain forest its lush greens to restore to the eyes the tactile sense of its infinite textures; Patricia Gouvêa captures physical gestures that not only activate architectural spaces, but remind us that every construction is in a sense a wrapping for the body; Ilana Bessler photographs the flowing – and fleeting- image of bodies, both in the water and in the vertiginous urban environment; Fabio Knoll proves that the human eye can create imaginary cartography of land and seas on the peeling paint of ordinary walls. This exhibition reactivates the relationship between body, nature and architecture that is inseparable from the very history of photography. @Bossagallery