Miami-Dade County Visual Arts

“13” A Group Exhibition at Laundromat Art Space

13 A Group Exhibition at Laundromat Art SpaceFriday, October 16 & 30, 7pm-10pm – Laundromat Art Space, 5900 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami

The fourteen artists in this exhibition create artworks in Miami that have topics, which vary from combining knitting with sculpture, to an abstract ceramic painted-tree, and a sacrilegious performance piece. The combination of conceptual ideas within each artwork gives the exhibition an unfixed theme, where the display of such diverse subject matter becomes more about the relationships created by the experience of the viewer. The artists include: Tuana Birol, Mariele Capssa, Javi Cuarezma, Jonatas Chimen, Lorna Ruth Galloway, Diana Margarita Garcia, Hazel Gil-Salazar, Victor Golden, Michael Gray, Roma Ingrid James, Inga Karelina, Susan Maas, G. MENA, Sterling Rook. This exhibition was coordinated by William Burke and curated by Brittni S. Winkler.  #LaundromatArtSpace @laundromatarts